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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Luna Cycle Reuseable Pads

How much have you already spent on disposable sanitary products?

Try our eye-opening cost calculator! Select your age and see how much you spend on disposable sanitary products

How do I choose the right pad?

We know that our bodies and periods are all different but based on our expert experience we’ve designed a helpful guide to make sure you find your perfect fit.

How we know you’re going to love Luna Cycle?

Luna Cycle pads are designed to be comfortable, dry and hygienic. They also come with the added bonus of saving you money on disposable products and reducing your intake of single use plastics.

Why switch to reusable pads?

One Luna Cycle Pad can last years if it’s treated with a little bit of love. Switching to our pads will save you money on disposable period products and will help in the fight against plastic pollution.

How do the pads work?

The pads specially designed with you in mind.  A layer of super soft charcoal bamboo covers a double layer of highly absorbent microfibre layer that locks in liquids.  

A final waterproof external layer provides added security that will keep you comfortable all day long.

 There are two poppers on each pad which make it a dream to adjust around your underwear ensuring that you always get a secure fit.

 We are also including for you a double pocket, waterproof carry case which is perfect to store your used or fresh pads when you’re on the move.

How do I do with the used pads?

There are versatile 2 way poppers which mean you can secure and store in the double pocket, waterproof carry case provided for washing later.

And what about when I’m out and about?

We include a handy pouch for discreet storage that includes waterproof pockets, double zip pouches to contain all odours. Size 19 cm x 18 cm